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The Apple Watch Series 4 takes heart monitoring to next level

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Natalie Margareth 13 days ago. Natalie Margareth 14 days ago. The Series 4 boasts a thinner body, a bigger screen, a faster processor and -- on the high-end model -- a stronger LTE signal, so you can leave the iPhone at home on those early-morning runs. Apple Watch Series 4: Review in progress. So how is Apple enticing existing users to upgrade -- and new users to take the first-time plunge? By adding the EKG feature, the Apple Watch has gone from a smart fitness tracker to a potentially life-saving medical device that will soon be able to warn wearers of abnormal heart rhythms associated with atrial fibrillation and other serious medical conditions.

Imagine, then, if those hundreds of thousands of people had an EKG-capable Apple Watch that could get them on the road to such treatment faster. Even previous pre-EKG Apple Watch models have already been flagging major, potentially life-threatening heart problems.

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Many of the beneficiaries are younger, seemingly healthy users who would've never suspected they had any kind of serious medical issues in the first place. In fact, the Apple Watch has already started crossing over into the realm of medical monitor, whether users -- and doctors -- are ready or not.

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Heather Hendershot was on the couch watching TV with her husband when her Apple Watch started beeping. The notification said her heart rate had spiked over beats per minute, well above the normal resting heart rate for a healthy adult. The year-old mother of two ignored the first one, but the watch kept beeping. After monitoring her heart rate overnight with the same results, Hendershot decided to take a precautionary visit to urgent care in Topeka, Kansas the next morning. Doctors diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism, a condition where the thyroid gland produces excess thyroxine hormone, and that if left untreated, could lead to life-threatening complications.

Like Heather, many of them considered themselves perfectly healthy, with no history of heart related conditions.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Pacemakers normalize slow, fast, and irregular heart rates, and as a result, people with pacemakers can do many of the activities people without pacemakers can do, including exercising. It lets you follow photographer and find new and…. Overall, the Apple Watch and Mio Fuse did best, with about 91 percent accuracy. Create interesting short movies with your photos, video clips, and modern music. False alarms aside, the heart feature could ultimately speed up the diagnostic and catch a problem before it gets out of hand particularly for people like Hendershot who are otherwise unaware they have a problem. It is a super fabulous application that lets you expand your social network in the….

Heart rate tracking has been an important feature of the Apple Watch since the wearable it was first announced four years ago in September But up until now it had been primarily used for fitness -- say, keeping at a certain level while you're on the treadmill. It's a fundamental measurement, alongside distance and pace to calculate calories burned during exercise. It was that feature that flagged Heather's condition. But there's a big difference between noticing a high heart rate and actually screening for diseases. To do the latter, wearables like the Apple Watch needed to reach a medical grade level of precision that would require a different type of sensor.

When it comes to measuring heart rate, the EKG is considered the gold standard. It measures the electrical signals generated by the contraction of the heart muscle through a series of electrodes placed on the chest of the patient. Physicians then use this information to detect abnormalities in the rhythm and structure of the heart, up to and including the diagnosis of a heart attack. To fit on the wrist, they use a sensor called a photoplethysmogram PPG which uses light to determine how much blood the heart is pumping under the surface of the skin.

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My actual answer to that question is this: Apple even highlighted this lesson on stage. The company has developed extensive recycling programs to move old iPhone parts back into the system, and they debuted this recycling program with a bevy of iPhone 5s graphics. The iPhone 5s. Inside are current-day expensive features that will become cheaper to produce over time, and which will continue to operate efficiently over time thanks to the latest improvements in iOS This iPhone XS generation has been designed not just for today, but for the next 10 or more years of use.

Off the top of my head, I can barely rattle off three issues with the iPhone X: The screen scratches very easily.

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The notch looks unsightly, despite being replicated by competitors. The price puts the phone in a new price territory. The iPhone 8 Plus keyboard looks ever so slightly narrower than the XS Max when compared side-by-side. The iPhone XS Max keyboard reserves the same amount of space at the bottom of the display for the emoji and dictation buttons as the iPhone X. The top of the keyboard area lines up almost perfectly 1 with the iPhone 8 Plus keyboard on the vertical.

The XS Max just has more grey space between the edge of the display and the edge of the keyboard. Typing on the smaller iPhone X. Typing on the larger iPhone XS Max.

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The lock screen number pad is a touch larger, for when Face ID misfires. There is no extra row for extra icons on the XS Max home screen, despite the greater vertical screen space. Portrait Mode What started as a gimmick and a hit-but-mostly-miss feature, Portrait Mode has improved exponentially since its debut.

The iPhone XS water resistance has been pushed to IP68, allowing you to dunk it or lose it in water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Of course, further tests have shown iPhones can survive longer than this, but Apple is playing it conservative like always. Videographers will be pleased with the new improvements in the camera system as well.

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Videographers can capture stereo sound. Extended dynamic range features are being wrapped into the video camera as well, allowing you to shoot all sorts of environments that the computer can process. All the same Portrait Mode features including Depth Control are making their way to the front-facing TrueDepth camera as well. Rather, the more significant improvement is in the angles that the iPhone XS camera can pick up your face. The stereo speakers, especially on the iPhone XS Max, are loud. For any of those types of situations, the HomePod will do. That said, the Max is indeed lasting longer through the day, and is especially noticeable when the A12 chip is under load.

The iPhone XS does not ship with a Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter or a larger battery charger, both of which have sent some people into a frenzy. As an Apple shareholder, I expect this will continue to push the sale of more AirPods.