Gevey sim iphone 4 ios 5.1.1

How To: Unlock iOS 5.1.1 On iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS Using UltraSn0w 1.2.7 [CYDIA] In order to maintain this sort of unlock you must always keep the card between your SIM card and baseband hardware.

This method of unlocking has become more popular because it supports newer baseband versions. When you IMEI unlock your iPhone it is unlocked for forever and you can update to new iOS versions, without worrying whether it will effect your unlock or not. There are many online services available for IMEI unlocking your iPhone, which you can find yourself. Unfortunately software iPhone unlocking solutions are no longer compatible with newer iPhone generations or baseband versions.

If you happen to be in possession of an older iPhone with one of the compatible baseband versions shown below however, you can indeed unlock it for free. Keep in mind that if a new baseband exploit is found and one of these software iPhone unlocking solutions is updated we will update this list.

iPhone 4 5.0.1 Unlock Gevey Ultra Sim - 5.0.1/5.0 Untethered Unlock 4.10.01/3.10.01/2.10.04

Not Supported iPhone 6s: Not Supported iPhone 6 Plus: Not Supported iPhone 6: Not Supported iPhone 5s: Not Supported iPhone 5c: Not Supported iPhone 5: Not Supported iPhone 4S: Not Supported iPhone 4: Not Supported iPhone 3GS: We have detailed how to guides for unlocking almost all supported firmware and baseband combinations. You can browse through the tutorials listed below or if you are more technically inclined simply add the repository for one of the software unlocking solutions shown in the compatibility section and then install the package to your iPhone. Step 3: Step 5: After Cydia is done refreshing sources.

Step 6: MMS Proxy: I have recieved an iphone 4s from a friend in US but it is locked with an itune inscription on it. How can i go about it? All punters in india have given up in unlocking it. U have any solution…can u accept a challenge???. Could you help me or guide me in what I can do. I would like to give the phone to my little brother.

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Thank you in advance. Your email address will not be published. How To Jailbreak Cydia Installer: When will they update new version for baseband Does it nearly to release new version for baseband Thanks a lot friend, as the other fellows I was almost desperate. I have my baseband preserved on Previously I was unable to update and then unlock. With this new realease of UltraSn0w, will I be able to finally upgrade? Just some info if you have already completed your contract with att and have no outstanding bills with them they will unlock your phone for you factory for no charge.

Leaving the U. Thanks for all of your efforts guys! Tried while using 6. No service after downgrading from 6. Do not do that if you do it you are going to brick the iphone beacuse of the new chip after week 34 ……. But I cannot still use my new sim card. I bought my iphone 3GS version 5. Now I m in china and i would like to use it with a chinese card sim… but impossible… it doesnt want.

Do u have any other tips please?

Unlock iPhone 4 With GEVEY Ultra 5.1 SIM Interposer

I have a 3gs 5. With RedSn0w, install again baseband 6.

How To Unlock iPhone With UltraSn0w 1.2.7

Step 4. Step 2: My phone can not read the t mobile sim card after unlocked. Step 4: Another method of unlocking an iPhone involves purchasing some sort of passthrough card or SIM interposer. But I found a solution for that and you can use it to fix No Service.

Then install Ultrasn0w fixer for 5. It works like a charm. I have an iPhone 3GS 5. After installing all my mobile can not find the net work… I have installes cydia and repo….. But stille my mobile can not find out the net work…. BB Thanks in advance……. I totally agree, they all want it for free and yesterday!!! I had the same problem , it used to say Searching ,searching but now it got resolved.

Fix No Service After Gevey Sim Unlock for iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1

I have Iphone 3GS, 6. However downgrading my baseband from I have used just the UltraSnow 1. Ultrasn0w fixer for 5. And soon after it recognized my service.

Unlock iPhone 4S GSM iOS with Gevey Ultra S - iPhoneHeat

I had the same problem, try downgrading your baseband using redsnow , it worked for me. I used to have the same I have iphone 4 and my base band is 3. Although Settings, Carrier- It simply wont find any networks. We have full 3G signal at home on any other phone, Any advice would be appreciated. Hi, just jailbroke my iphone 4 and went through the steps above to unlock, however, it does no seem to have worked, still getting no service..

Any Ideas? Omg, i downloaded ultrasn0w, everything was fine. But my phone just says no service instead of registering the new network. What do I do? Hey I was having the same problem and when I re installed the 6. Just let me know the whole details in order for me to trouble shoot!

Guide to unlock iPhone 4 using Gevey sim

Can someone please help me??? So we have to wait untill their agreed date. How can I find UltraSn0w without spotlight? Anyone out there have a solution for how to unlock iPhone 4 firmware Plssss help!!

How to Fix No Service After iPhone 4 5.1.1 Unlock Using Gevey Sim

Apr 27, Unlock iPhone 4 With GEVEY Ultra SIM Interposer Compatible with iOS and later (through ), the product supports modem firmware. May 10, Gevey Ultra S can unlock iPhone 4S on iOS firmware. Unlock your iPhone 4S GSM running iOS with GEVEY Ultra S SIM interposer.

Thank u. I followed all the instructions above and still cannot receive signal on Vodafone previously locked to I have a 3gs with the new bootrom. Please help! After installing ultrasn0w 1. I have a question. After unlocked, can I use it any where around the world? Or just only in the USA? Its a wonder!!! Didnt even have to reinstall ultrasnow after that…Thanx to all those guys who shared their experiences n helped me succeed! Guyzz m using iphone till bt still i dont knoe wt is meant by thus Just followed through those instructions.

Quick question. I thought that you cant take out the backing of an iPhone so how would the sim card be replaced? My phone can not read the t mobile sim card after unlocked. I did follow all the instructions as above. Thanks a lot. I have an I phone 3gs Whit Base band Did anyone tried to downgrade bb from Corruptio there is no sotlution right now only factory unlock en the GeveySim does not support this version of BaseBand. Your email address will not be published. How To Jailbreak Cydia Installer: Why Should I Jailbreak? UltraSn0w 1. Step 5: Cydia will automatically refresh and update sources.

Comments I need to unlock the baseband Is there a way to change the baseband on a 3gs? I have 5. SAM still available to unlock iPhone 4 bb Folks, nobody works on it??? I did all process, and i have the baseband Is there something wrong with ultrasn0w 1. Does not work……. I am using Iphone 4s, will this work with Iphone 4s or only with Iphone 4? So how do i lock the iphone 4s which has already jailbroken?

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I need to unlock my iPhone 4, baseband Alfredo — Quito. Please make a version for Need unlock Developers please!!! Hello I have my baseband preserved on Thanks DEV Team for all that you do!