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altcreate.wecan-group.com/martn-piqun-ii-cuando-la-naturaleza-llama.php If you enter as a value in the alert distance field, then the circle around this place will have a radius of meters, feet or yards, depending on the distance unit set in your BlindSquare settings. As soon as you enter this circle, BlindSquare will play a sound and notify you that you are near the place. If you do not set an alert distance for a saved place, you will still be notified, but when you are notified will depend on the radius setting of the general radius that can be set on the main screen of BlindSquare. If you set an alert distance, you will be informed more noticeably, and the first notification will always occur at the distance specified by you.

It is probably not necessary to set an alert distance for all of the places you save on your My Places list, as BlindSquare will inform you when you are close to them either way. For places like stops of busses or streetcars, however, it can be especially helpful to set an alert distance. This will notify you well in advance so you can get up and find the door of the vehicle in time.

You may have to experiment to find the alert distance that works best for you. We suggest you start with a distance of meters, or feet. If you find that you would like to be notified either earlier or later, you can increase or decrease the alert distance respectively. When you use BlindSquare, the app can provide all kinds of information about the places around you.

It is as if you were sitting in the center of a map querying it for different information.

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If you simulate a place, you move the center of your BlindSquare map to the place you are simulating. When you now query BlindSquare for information, the information you will receive is the same you would hear if you were physically at the place you are simulating. You can list all of its intersections around you, do text and category searches, use Look Around, or just change the BlindSquare radius and listen to the info BlindSquare speaks.

To simulate a place, find the place you are interested in either by entering its address in the search field or by finding it in your My Places list or through Category Search. Double-tap the place and look for the Simulate Location button to start simulation mode. While simulation mode is active, you will hear slight traffic noise so you always know that you are currently simulating a location.

To end the simulation, find the End Simulation button in the Tools menu on the main screen. No, currently BlindSquare does not offer turn-by-turn navigation. While Apple comes installed on every iOS device as part of the operating system, Google Maps can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. When you start navigation using one of these apps through BlindSquare, BlindSquare will continue to run in the background to announce street intersections and places around you, if you have granted BlindSquare permission to access location services while running in the background.

You may check this in your device settings under Privacy, Location Services. As GPS reception can decrease on a bus or on a train, we recommend that you position your device as near to the window as feasible to achieve the best GPS reception possible in this situation.

There are urban parks that are well-mapped on Foursquare and Open Street Map. If there is no data available, BlindSquare will not be able to inform you about your environment, but you can still use BlindSquare to create your own points, which you can save under My Places. Yes, if you have granted BlindSquare permission to access location services while running in the background.

This means you can use another GPS-app and still hear all of the information about street intersections and places announced by BlindSquare. To increase your battery life, you can use the filter Streets and My Places. When this filter is active, BlindSquare will only announce the points you have saved in My Places and information about street intersections.

This will help BlindSquare to consume less battery, because it dramatically decreases the amount of queries sent to the servers used by BlindSquare. If you are in an area that has good Foursquare and Open Street Map coverage, each Foursquare query will take about 32 kb and each query of Open Street Map about 4 kb. The faster you move, i. If you do a category search in BlindSquare, it will take between 10 and 40 kb. Assuming 20 Foursquare queries and 30 Open Street Map queries an hour, you can expect BlindSquare to use about one megabyte per hour. This estimate is true for routes that contain vehicle rides, too.

If you need to save data, you can activate the filter Streets and My Places. This will cause BlindSquare to only announce street intersections and places you have either saved in My Places or marked as a favorite. If there is a Foursquare place that you would always like to be notified of, you can mark it as a Favorite. If you would like to be informed not only that the place is now in your radius, but also when you have reached or passed the place, double-tap the Edit button in the top right of the screen to set an alert distance.

If you add a new venue to Foursquare, all users of BlindSquare will benefit, provided your venue receives check-ins by at least five different people. To enter a place as a Foursquare venue, we recommend using the Swarm App. Sighted users can correct this by dragging the venue to the correct position on the map. Unfortunately, this is not accessible with VoiceOver. If you would like to interrupt BlindSquare announcements, double-tap anywhere on the screen with two fingers while it is speaking.

You can also double-tap the Sleep Mode button at the bottom right of the screen. This will turn off BlindSquare until you double-tap the Sleep Mode button again. If you send BlindSquare to the background by pressing the Home button or locking the screen while Sleep Mode is turned on, BlindSquare will wake up again as soon as you return to BlindSquare or unlock the screen. Switching on Sleep Mode when you are not using BlindSquare can help to reduce battery consumption and data usage.

BlindSquare will not turn off tracking if tracking is started in the vicinity of a place.

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If the place you have been tracking was a Foursquare venue, you can also reset its location. This will cause BlindSquare to consider the new position you have saved as the destination, when you track the same venue the next time.

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Some Foursquare users add irrelevant places to Foursquare. To ensure BlindSquare announcements are actually useful, BlindSquare will filter these places and only announce venues where at least five different users have checked in. If you have found a Foursquare venue that BlindSquare does not yet announce, you can either ask your friends to check in to this place, or you can add this place to My Places to have it announced always.

When you double-tap this button, the Foursquare venue will be added to My Places. Depending on the number of contacts, this can take several minutes.

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Please open BlindSquare and wait for up to 30 minutes for this process to finish. The BlindSquare sounds only work as long as your iPhone has not been muted. Please check if the mute switch of your iPhone is in the position where it is closer to the screen of the device and slide it into this position if necessary. On the bottom of this screen you will find a switch letting you select all of the sounds as well as a slider to set the volume of the sound.

Try setting the volume to percent and see if that helps. If you wish, you may later decrease the volume of the sounds to your prefered setting. Currently it is not possible to record routes using BlindSquare. However, this feature may be implemented in a future update. BlindSquare can import points from other GPS apps. Individual points can also be exported and sent through various means. To learn more, please read the section about importing and exporting points of interest. There are different projects that have been created to collect place information of special interest to the blind, such as tactile pavement, audible traffic lights etc.

As BlindSquare may not query different resources for POI-data at the same time, it cannot currently access these specialized resources. We may introduce an option in a future version that lets the user select resources to be queried for POI-data. Although BlindSquare does currently use both Foursquare and Open Street Map data, it only downloads street map data and no information about other points of interest from Open Street Map.

There are many podcasts available about BlindSquare, some of them including recordings of BlindSquare while walking or while on a bus. You can find all of them on our help page. This app has been created and designed for blind and visually impaired users. However, BlindSquare is not only about the bare necessity of getting around safely and efficiently, but it is also about having fun.

We enjoy Foursquare and like checking in on Swarm while on the go. This is why the users who tried beta versions of the app before it was released to the public voted to call the app BlindSquare. Foursquare is a location-based social network. Its users can check in to venues using their smartphones or computers to report their current location to their Foursquare friends. If users want to check in to a venue that has not yet been added to Foursquare, they can create an entry for that venue on the Foursquare page. As a result, Foursquare makes available a huge number of points of interest POI that may be accessed through other apps, too.

Open Street Map is a free map of the world created and updated by its users. It works similarly to Wikipedia in that contributors use GPS-devices to record geo-coordinates and upload the resulting data to Open Street Map. BlindSquare uses the Open Street Map service to find information about streets, paths, highways, intersections etc.

BlindSquare does not query Open Street Map for POI-data of venues like museums, restaurants, schools, libraries as this information is retrieved from Foursquare. Since its first release in May , customers from more than countries all over the world have downloaded thousands of copies of BlindSquare. If you need information that has not been covered in these FAQ yet, please feel free to write to support blindsquare. Auf welchen Smartphones kann ich BlindSquare verwenden? Auf welchen iPhones kann ich BlindSquare verwenden? Kann ich BlindSquare auf einem iPod Touch verwenden?

Kann ich BlindSquare auf einem iPad verwenden? Funktioniert BlindSquare auch in meiner Region oder meinem Land? Was ist BlindSquare Event? Braucht BlindSquare eine Internetverbindung? Wie sollte ich mein Telefon halten oder tragen, wenn ich BlindSquare verwende? Wie funktioniert der Radius? Wie kann ich nach Orten suchen? Wie kann ich in BlindSquare Text eingeben?

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Wann sollte ich eine Meldedistanz festlegen? Wie viel Daten verwendet BlindSquare? Problembehandlung Warum spricht BlindSquare weiter, obwohl ich eine andere App aktiviert habe? Wie kann ich das verhindern? Warum sehe ich meine Kontakte nicht mehr in BlindSquare? Kann man mit BlindSquare Routen aufzeichnen? Was ist Foursquare? Was ist Open Street Map? Wie viele BlindSquare-Nutzer gibt es? Ich habe eine Frage, die hier noch nicht beantwortet wurde. Es wurde in enger Zusammenarbeit mit blinden und sehbehinderten Nutzern entwickelt. BlindSquare funktioniert auf dem iPad.

Es wird dann ein voreingestellter Standort simuliert. Daher sind Sie sicherer, wenn Sie diese Headsets anstelle von normalen Headsets nutzen. Dabei handelt es sich um einen kleinen Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, der am Handgelenk getragen werden kann. Zurzeit empfehlen wir die Nutzung von BlindSquare mit einem Handytarif, der auch Datenvolumen beinhaltet.

Wenn Sie den Bildschirm sperren, sollten Sie es im Hochformat tragen. Nun sehen Sie die beliebtesten Restaurants in einem Umkreis von Metern. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Radius keinen Einfluss auf die Textsuche hat. Daraufhin erscheint ein Bildschirm mit drei Listen. Wir schlagen vor, dass Sie es mit einer Meldedistanz von Metern versuchen. Wenn Sie einen Ort simulieren, dann bewegt sich das Zentrum der Karte zu dem Ort, der gerade simuliert wird.

Zurzeit bietet BlindSquare keine Routennavigation. Ja, vorausgesetzt Sie haben BlindSquare auch im Hintergrundbetrieb gestattet, auf die Ortungsdienste zuzugreifen. Eine Kategoriesuche verbraucht zwischen 10 und 40 KB. Da BlindSquare nicht gleichzeitig Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen abrufen darf, kann auf diese besonderen Quellen zurzeit nicht zugegriffen werden. Foursquare ist ein ortsbasiertes soziales Netzwerk. Open Street Map ist eine kostenlose Karte der Welt, die von ihren Nutzern erstellt wurde und aktualisiert wird.

Informationen zu Schulen, Restaurants, Museen, Bibliotheken usw. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, die auf dieser Seite nicht beantwortet werden, schreiben Sie einfach an support blindsquare. If you are looking into buying a handheld GPS, then chances are you already have an idea of what these items are and how they can make your life easier.

In fact, many people are starting to look into these very useful Global Positioning System devices, since they quite literally tell you were you are in the world. Obviously if you are active in outdoor sports, such as hiking, camping or boating or the like, a GPS can be a very handy item, giving you piece of mind that you will always know exactly where you are. With a GPS, you never need to fear getting lost in the wilderness ever again…,.

Check out the helpful piece of writing at our very own web blog http: Therefore you may listen to this one-hour podcast about BlindSquare to learn more about how to use BlindSquare Event http: Your email address will not be published. What smartphones can I use BlindSquare on? What iPhone models can I use BlindSquare on? Can I use BlindSquare on an iPad?

What is BlindSquare Event? Which accessories do I need in order to use BlindSquare? Does BlindSquare require an internet connection? How do I have to position my device when using BlindSquare? Spot the data hungry apps. All traffic stops when you reach it. Never exceed your data limit again! Easily prevent unwanted background apps and updates from downloading data when using a mobile hotspot or slow public Wi-Fi. Download Free Trial.

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To use BlindSquare with your Braille display, open the Tools menu and double-tap Braille Display to open a screen containing all of the spoken text. You can also use the Search button in the top left of the screen. Funktioniert BlindSquare auch in meiner Region oder meinem Land? Save money. Windows version.

Windows version. TripMode is the best way to stop updates and other background processes from using your precious mobile data. Mac version. Easily block unwanted apps from accessing the Internet the second you connect to a hotspot. When TripMode is ON, it prevents all your apps from accessing the Internet but those that have been whitelisted by yourself. It typically stops automatic updates, online backups, Photos syncs, and various obscure apps from consuming precious data.

Both uploads and downloads are blocked. Plenty of background apps will aggressively keep trying to download content and updates from the Internet, slowing down your Internet speed to a crawl. TripMode stops that by allowing you to grant your Internet bandwidth to only the apps that you need. Just turn TripMode ON from the topbar. This is the Apple-endorsed way of managing network traffic on a Mac.